Environmental policy

The environmental policy of InventiAir

InventiAir was founded in 2008 as an innovative company in a conservative industry. The original intention of the company, and indeed our main focus, has always been to create an optimised indoor climate for people, while at the same time saving large amounts of energy by using the proporties of the air correctly.

By integrating environmental aspects in every stage of our activity, we contribute to creating a society that is sustainable over the long term. We are well aware of todays climate issues and the challenges to the global environment. That’s why we proactively work to continuously improve our environmental impact in all parts of the process.

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InventiAir’s responsibility

For us, cooperation is one of the keys to sustainable development. We cooperate actively with many different companies, researchers, agencies and organisations in order to broaden our knowledge and open up new possibilities. Working together allows us to spend more time thinking more laterally and with greater agility. Together we can create a better future.

Environmental aspects

In conjunction with the following environmental objectives, our environmental policy is an important tool to ensure that we always consider the environment in our work to constantly improve our activity.

  • Take environmental considerations into account and ensure that environmental improvements measures provide long-term profit.
  • Use the knowledge about environmental issues and promote and encourage our employees by engaging and informing.
  • Promote and encourage environmental awareness among our suppliers and customers, and make them aware of their environmental responsibilities.
  • Actively cooperate with other companies, suppliers, authorities and organizations to work together for a more sustainable production. Our ability to influence is strengthened through cooperation.
  • Base our goals on our products environmental impacts; continuously monitor, evaluate and revise our environmental policy.
  • Prioritize reuse and recycling. Prioritize work on the environment and allocate resources for this.
  • Disseminate good ideas and experiences.
Environmental goals and internal monitoring

Actively working on the environment and reducing the company’s environmental impact, represent an ongoing process to identify and implement continuous improvements. This environmental policy is updated each year, and the environmental aspects identified, are then converted into environmental goals with associated action plans.