Why InventiAir?

We are a green-thinking ventilation company. Air is perhaps the most valuable raw material that Earth provides. We care about both the environment and the people who use the air. Our goal is to give our customers the very best conditions to ventilate both the premises and the people staying in them, and to save energy.


The air: The global pandemic (Covid-19) highlights the importance of Invent Air’s technology. With our technology the spread of infections indoors is reduced. The air becomes cleaner than with conventional ventilation, and the indoor climate more comfortable. People feel healthier and can fully perform. The clean, fresh air is concentrated in the zone where people stay, and then removed without being mixed with the consumed air. Our technology optimizes ventilation where it does the most good: around us humans.






Energy:  An optimized ventilation results in less energy waste. When the premises need cooling, our technology transports heat away from the people and from the room more efficiently than conventional mixing ventilation technology. When the need for heat originates, heating is concentrated around the people in the premises. That means less amount of energy for the same need! InventiAir Digital, IA-D, adds energy savings thanks to intelligent steering.






Sustainability: Reusing is usually more sustainable than rebuilding. InventiAir’s products bring old technical installations to life and reduce the scope of renovation, reconstruction and extension projects. The life of the ventilation system is extended and the system can be upgraded continuously, which is good from a life cycle perspective. InventiAir wants to conserve all Earth’s resources.






Digitalization: InventiAir as a company is built on the possibilities of digitalization. InventiAir Digital (IA-D) is our investment in “proptech”, that is hardware and software in products and services. IA-D makes it possible to control, monitor, steer and optimize our products. Not only does IA-D broaden our customer offer, but digitalization also provides a maximally fresh and clean air to breathe, where humidity, temperature and CO2 levels can be measured and corrected for best results.