InventiAir Digital (IA-D)

Our view on digitalization!

InventiAir Digital (IA-D) is the digitalization (Proptech) of our products and associated services for all types of premises and properties. 

Annually, we deliver our products to 150 – 200 different kinds of building projects. We see it as a natural development to broaden our product range with IoT and Proptech. Digitalization gives us the benefits of optimizing, controlling and measuring our existing products in order to increase the customer benefits, such as energy savings and a better indoor climate.

IA-D provides us with the ability to communicate directly with our products. We can control and optimize the products and supervise the operation of the premises they are installed in, which gives efficiency and maintenance benefits.

We at InventiAir love innovation and product development. Digitalization also gives us important data and feedback so that we can continually improve our products.

IA-D adds new potential for saving energy in addition to the savings our products already deliver.