Air diffuser TubusCeiling

Bottega Veneta

New Bottega Veneta store opens up on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm.

In the spring of 2017, Bottega Veneta opened its doors to its new flagship store on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm. High ceilings and large open spaces needed an efficient ventilation technique to achieve a comfortable indoor climate. With the help of InventiAir’s innovative technology, both a better indoor climate and a stylish detail are created in the interior of the store on Birger Jarlsgatan.

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A major limitation for the customer was the provision of a stylish solution with a supply air devicewith the possibility to be hidden in the ceiling. Based on the customer’s needs and wishes, InventiAir developed a special solution of the supply air diffuser TubusCeiling, which today is installed in the store. In addition to a world-class indoor climate, with the help of TubusCeiling, the store got a nice interior detail that is extraordinary.


Products: TubusCeiling
Units: 9 pc
Installed year: 2017
Type of premises: Retail