Facade unit

Downtown Camper

At Brunkebergstorg, in the heart of Stockholm, Scandic has opened a new signature hotel for urban explorers where well-being and community are at the center. Downtown Camper by Scandic, formerly Sergel Plaza, has undergone a complete transformation during 2016/2017. The 494 natural inspired hotel rooms have been equipped with world-class ventilation!

As an important part of the urban development in Stockholm City, the historic Brunkebergstorg is reborn; a part of Stockholm that has been forgotten for 40 years. In the fall of 2017, Scandic inaugurated a new hotel concept, a city resort, with 494 rooms, restaurants and meeting places. Nature has, in various forms, sought in and made its mark on everything from the hotel’s design, to how we socialize, work and relax.

The property already had a ventilation solution with ventilation and heating supplied from the façade, which was a contributing reason why the client preferred a solution with façade appliances. InventiAir was able to supply a façade unit with good function and low operating pressure, which was directly a decisive factor in the choice of InventiAir’s solution – with the Longus façade unit you can lower the pressure from 200 Pa to 80 Pa and with better indoor climate!

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Longus is especially developed to withstand low drive pressures and operates between 30-120 Pa with retained function. Lowering the driving pressure and at the same time making it possible to reduce the supply of the air, creates the conditions for large energy savings – while maintaining or improving the indoor climate for tenants.

InventiAir’s facade unit Longus, which is placed in window niches, supplies the air at floor level and optimizes the indoor climate through its unique ventilation technology that creates adhesion (so-called Coanda effect), so the air stays in the occupied zone for a longer time. This leads to increased ventilation efficiency and an improved indoor climate. The function of conventional appliances, which directs the air up towards the ceiling, increases the risk of short-circuiting the exhaust air and thus gives a low ventilation efficiency.

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Longus is equipped with a deep custom-made solid wood cladding, which Scandic has innovatively taken advantage of and transformed into relaxing and social spaces. Thanks to the Longus ventilation principle, the window niches can be provided with cushions etc, without affecting the function of the supply air.

Careful evaluations of previous references and function were performed before the project was carried out by the responsible consultant Exengo.


Products: Longus
Units: 461 pc
Project: Skansen 18
Installed year: 2016/2017
Type of premises: Hotel