Maximus, Wall, Longus & Tubus


In 1958, the world’s first IKEA department store opened in Älmhult. The department store has now been rebuilt into the world’s first IKEA museum and on June 30 2016, it reopened in the same location. In this historic setting, visitors can enjoy both IKEA nostalgia and an indoor climate signed InventiAir.

The project with the IKEA Museum encountered a lot of challenges. IKEA wanted the property’s installations to be exposed as little as possible, to not be a disruptive element in the visitors’ experiences of the museum’s content. Therefore, the supply of ventilation and heat would be advantageously installed concealed, in so-called “Fat Walls”. The installations also had to meet the set criteria that applied to get the project environmentally certified.

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It was Bengt Dahlgren in Helsingborg who was given the task of solving the ventilation challenges in the museum of total 7,000 sqm. After an initial meeting with Dag Wallin at InventiAir, where all the needs of the project were clarified, a solution was quickly presented. The solution was a project adaptation of the product Maximus for installation in the walls. In this embodiment, Maximus can regulate the temperature of the air and then supply it to the room and us humans via slots in the bottom of the device. To meet the needs of the other spaces; the floor mounted unit Maximus, the wall mounted supply air units Wall and Tubus, was also proposed.

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In total, InventiAir delivered about 350 products to the IKEA Museum. Ventilation contractor in the project was the Kristianstad-based company Jonas Folkesson Klimatservice AB in Kristianstad.

All InventiAir’s products ensure that the fresh air quickly and efficiently enters the occupied zone where its needed, while the used and polluted air is removed effectively with the exhaust in the ceiling. InventiAir’s technology creates an energy efficient solution that reduces the need for added fresh air without compromising the quality of the indoor climate.


Products: Maximus, Longus, Wall & Tubus
Units: 350 pc
Property owner: IKEA
Installed year: 2015-2016
Type of premises: Museum