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InventiAir increase your fitness motivation and health effects.

Gyms and exercise rooms have always been a challenge to ventilate. In this type of premises, the focus is on removing heat, odors and used air from areas where many people live at the same time. A fresh and refreshing gym experience can be a strong contributing reason why a person chooses to subscribe or not.

“Training rooms, and especially spinning rooms, are one of the toughest challenges in ventilating and air-conditioning,” says Petter Lundgren of InventiAir.

One of InventiAir’s earliest reference projects was installed at the beginning of 2013. At that time, the Nordic Wellness gym chain opened a new and modern training facility, as part of the Port 73 shopping center in Haninge. The total area of 2,800 sqm includes a larger open area including exercise machines and free weights as well as two smaller rooms for spinning and cardio walking.

The consultant at Savtec contacted Petter Lundgren at InventiAir to advise on an energy
smart and efficient solution for the gymnasiums. Petter’s experiences from previous successful projects led to the installation of InventiAir’s supply air tube Tubus.

Today, the facility in Haninge has been in operation for many years and has given many people the opportunity to exercise in a fresh and wonderful environment.

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One of InventiAir’s proven strengths is to efficiently supply air exactly where it is needed, ie. where the people are. The air then interacts with the natural upward movement created by the heat from the people in the room. The more heat that the people in the room generate, the more warm, smelly and dirty air is carried away via the exhaust air in the ceiling. Of course, it is also filled with new, fresh air at the same rate. The efficiency of InventiAir technology is thus even more evident in training rooms, where people are sweating a lot and generating a greater amount of heat and CO2 than normal. Compared to conventional ventilation, InventiAir supply air tube Tubus manages to transfer between 30-40% more heat output from the ventilated room.

The result is that the gym is not only perceived as fresher, and the exercise more refreshing – but that is actually the case.

Effective ventilation increases the body’s oxygen supply during exercise. This improves the effect of the workout and you can build bigger muscles and get better fitness. InventiAir’s products simply help you feel better, both during and after training.


Products: Tubus
Units: 28 pc
Address: Port 73, Haninge
Installed year: 2013
Type of premises: Gym & spinning