The Chilled Beam Cumulus

Rue de Rhone 30 – Geneva

InventiAir technology provides ventilation on main boulevard in Switzerland.

When it comes to conditions relating to climate, civil engineering and ventilation systems, Switzerland is a country that is very similar to Sweden. This means that InventiAir’s products can be exported there on a “plug-and-play” basis, ready for almost immediate use.

The property on Rue de Rhone in Geneva is one of InventiAir’s first big export projects. A total of 300 project-tailored climate devices were installed in three stages. The whole project has now been brought to completion, and the property is in service.

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The project was carried out in association with leading climate planning engineer Felix Hürbin. Felix was looking for a climate device that could meet the combined requirements of architects, tenants and builders. Apart from the obvious fact that the property needed good ventilation, there were also stringent requirements on energy efficiency and the potential for adapting the ventilation to the unique architectural design.

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Project: Rue De Rhone 30
Product: Cumulus RdR (customized)
Units: 300 pc
Installed year: 2014 – 2016
Type of premises: Office and retail