Cumulus & Longus

Southern & Northern Kungstornen

Important symbol in Stockholm is being rebuilt

The twin towers “Kungstornen” are built on each side of Kungsgatan on Norrmalm in Stockholm. The 60-meter-high towers are built with inspiration from 1920s New York and were inaugurated in 1924 (the north tower) and 1925 (the south tower) respectively. The towers were once Sweden’s tallest buildings and have now become an important symbol of the city street with luxurious shops passing between the towers.

Between 2016 and 2019, InventiAir was entrusted to deliver the supply air baffle Cumulus and the Longus façade in a number of different sub-projects for the conversion of the Northern Kungstornet, as well as parts of the Southern Kungstornet. The customer who has given InventiAir the task of delivering ventilation to the projects has previously had major problems with especially traditional cooling baffles. InventiAir’s technology has been appreciated from previous projects, so Polacken 26 and Stuten 16 was also entrusted with the unique technology.


Products: Cumulus & Longus
Units: 91 pc + 71 pc
Installed year: 2016-2019
Type of premises: Office