The Floor Diffuser Home

Villa Värmdö

InventiAir taking the lead for a modern private dwellings.

Friendly Building constructs low-energy modular dwellings with exciting architecture. Villa Värmdö is a passive house that offers a lot of potential in terms of variation. To achieve cost-efficient maximisation of ventilation performance in the building, Friendly Building incorporates InventiAir’s Home Floor Diffuser in its construction. The diffuser is positioned along with other technical installations in the joist-supported floor, allowing cold and warm air to be supplied from below.

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Home supplies the air along the floor into the room, whether it is for heating or cooling. Its patented technology allows the fresh air to roll out like a carpet along the floor. From there, the air interacts with the natural upward forces, generated by the heat from people’s bodies in the room. The result is a draft-free ventilation that is highly efficient, accompanied by a pleasant indoor climate.

In Sweden, residential properties account for a large proportion of the energy used. Friendly Building is keen to reduce the amount of energy used and therefore attaches great importance by making its buildings more energy-efficient in various ways. InventiAir’s products and solutions creates possibilities to save both energy and costs.

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Since we started working with Friendly Building in 2013, they have entrusted us with further collaboration projects to build on the good results achieved with Villa Värmdö. The Floor Diffuser “Home” is also installed in several zero-energy houses (houses that produce as much energy as they consume) in Örebro and Upplands Väsby. During 2015, “Home” was also installed in the Pluto development, which is the first multi-dwelling unit in Sweden to have passive house certification meeting international standards.

Project: Villa Värmdö
Address: Värmdö, Stockholm
Installed year: 2013
Products: Home
Property owner: Friendly Building
Type of premises: Passive houses, residentials